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Free Watch Removal Tool Plus Spring Bars with Every Strap

watch spring bar removal tool plus spring bars
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We just wanted to give you all a ‘headsup’ on what we are offering in our store.

All purhases of any type of watch strap from our STORE include a combination removal tool used to remove band spring bars. The tool also includes a pin punch on the opposite end which can be used to remove steel watch straps and buckles etc.


watch spring bar removal tool plus spring bars
Removal Tool Plus Spring Bars


So for instance you purchase 2 leather straps from our STORE. You will now receive 2 removal tools plus 2 spring bars to suit each strap (total 4).

We made this decision just in case you are purchasing one for yourself and perhaps as a gift for a friend or loved one.

Our aim is to provide you quality items at the best prices in Australia. Along with great customer service from a locally owned Australian company.


Thank you!

Rob Middleton


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