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Leather Worker Artisans in Australia Wanted

artisan leather worker
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Are you one of a handful of  leather worker artisans in Australia hand making leather watch straps? Your workshop should be based in Australia and manufacture leather products from genuine Australian leathers like kangaroo, emu, crocodile, cowhide, stingray etc?
Then we would like to hear from you!


kangaroo leather braided watch strap
Kangaroo Braided Leather Strap


Leather Watch Straps Australia via our online store at has customers wanting to purchase hand made Australian leather straps right now.

Perhaps you make only a few straps per year or several each month.

If you are passionate in what you do and would like to work with us to provide Australians the opportunity to wear one of your Australian hand made straps then ‘Contact Us‘.


artisan leather worker
Artisan Working with Leather


Let’s work together!

Provide us some details about your leather watch strap skills. As well as type, finished or unfinished, colours and the amount you can supply per month.

Get in touch with us.

Use the contact form below.
We hope to hear from you soon.



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