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Most Popular Leather Watch Strap Lug Width Size

Last updated – December 2022
We get this question from time to time (pardon the pun) and it’s often a popular discussion on online watch forums.

Watch strap size is determined by measuring the lug width of the watch where the spring bars (in most cases) hold the straps in place. Lots of straps and bracelets may taper along the length including most of our leather watch bands. A 2mm taper along the length is common. The vast majority of 20mm lug straps for instance will taper to 18mm buckle or clasp.

watch lug width size measurement
Calculate Lug Width of your Watch

What is the most popular watch strap size?

What we have found is that the most popular strap size purchased via our online store  @ in 2022 is 22mm. Measured by the lug width (see image).

The next most popular according to our recent sales within the last 12 months is 20mm.
Closely followed by 18mm then 21mm (lots of Rolex and other luxury brands have 21mm lugs).
16mm lug width size is still a size that older and vintage watch styles favour as well as some ladies watches are often 16mm, 14mm 12mm and even 10mm’s.

We should emphasize that these figures represent Australian leather watch strap buyers via an Australian online store and may not represent the sales from other stores around the World.


The 5 Most Popular Leather Watch Strap Sizes In Order of Sales


1. 22mm – 39% of sales (2nd place in 2020)
2. 20mm – 31% of sales (1st place in 2020)
3. 18mm – 11% of sales (same as 2020)
4. 21mm – 9% of sales (replaced 16mm in 2022)
5. 16mm – 3% of sales (4th place in 2022)

The rest of our sizes combined – 7% of sales (23, 19, 14, 13, 12, 10 etc)

Note – we are starting to see more 19mm and 23mm (in that order) being sold and if I was to predict the future of watch sizes I would also suggest that 24mm may start to become more common but we are not seeing it yet.

Figures are accurate as of date  – December, 2022

My own view on lug width size
As bigger case sizes (40mm plus) become more and more popular 22mm is the ideal strap width. 20mm was the most common in 2020 but in my opinion on some watch models 20mm looks too thin. 21mm and 19mm where obviously never meant for anything else except the manufactures bracelet but if brands want to stay relevant they must choose a more common size like 22mm.
Not everyone wants to keep the original bracelet and can be a good idea to swap it out for a leather strap :)) for instance and keep the bracelet in good condition in case you want to sell the watch or pass it on to a loved one.

Author – Rob – Shop manager
ps: thanks to all of our customers in 2022, we really appreciate you.

Leave a comment below on your thoughts and what your ideal lug width would be (if only my Speedmaster Moonwatch was 22mm)


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