Frequently Asked Questions

Are your leather watch straps good quality?

Yes! We thoroughly test and wear all of our straps for a length of time before they become available to purchase at our website.

Is shipping included in the price?

Yes! If located in Australia. The price of straps illustrated at our website includes free parcel post via Australia Post to all of Australia. Postage fee applies to International orders.

Why didn’t I receive order info / tracking email?

Check your bulk or spam folder and mark our email address as safe.
For local deliveries (within 25km’s) we may from time to time utilize our private courier for next day delivery, therefore tracking info will not be available.
For more information visit order process explanation page – https://www.leatherstraps.com.au/order-process/

Do you offer express shipping?

Yes! Express shipping is available to Australian customers. Express shipping can be ordered via the checkbox in checkout. Note: Express post is a user added extra and is non refundable once item has been posted.

I accidentally gave you my old address. What to do?

If we have already sent you the tracking email then we have posted your order.
What you can do is get your parcel redirected by Australia post. Register/ sign up for an account at Australia Post (use the same name and email that you used with us).
Once your account is created at Aus Post, input the tracking number then authorise to have your parcel re-directed to your current address.
Sign up for an Australia Post account here – https://auspost.com.au/auth/invite

Do all straps come with spring bars?

Yes! All of our leather straps include spring bars and strap removal tool. The quick release straps that have in-built spring bars also come with a pair of standard spring bars (good if you would like to a bracelet back on for instance.)

I ordered 2 straps and received a 10% discount for purchasing two . If I return one of the straps for a refund how much do i get back?

Your refund will be the amount you payed for returned strap minus refund on strap you are keeping. For example – You purchased 2 straps costing $30 each and received a 10% discount for purchasing 2 or more. Total payed after 10% off for two or more was $54. You return one of the straps for a refund. Amount to be refunded will be $24 total. 10% discount no longer applies.

Is it ok to get my leather strap wet?

No. Leather will start to break down when it gets wet and stays wet for extended periods. You should try to avoid showering or swimming whilst wearing your leather strap.
Allowing to dry to a damp state then applying leather conditioner is one way of preserving your leather watch strap. Best to not get it wet in the first place. Note: you will void the warranty if strap gets wet. 

Can I fit a leather strap to my Apple watch?

Yes you can. Apple strap adapters with spring bars to suit any 22mm lug width strap that we stock are available after you add a strap to cart.

Is it possible to fit / keep my brand name clasp or buckle?

Depends. All of our strap clasps and buckles are fitted using spring bars. Measure your lug width plus clasp / buckle end or see your jeweller or manufacturer for size information first. Note: buckles cannot be fitted to straps with clasps without punching a buckle prong slot.

Is it ok to cut the first keeper off?

Of course. Perhaps you have a larger wrist and find it difficult to thread strap through the first keeper / fixed keeper. Cutting the keeper in half, on the edge or completely off is helpful in this situation and others.

Can i call you for any reason or to ask what strap would suit my watch?

No, we don’t currently have staff to answer calls. Contact support via txt msg or email and we would be happy to help. Ultimately, it is you who needs to decide what strap may or may not suit your particular watch.

Why are your straps less expensive than other Australian online shops?

Good question.
1. Once tested and approved, we then order a bulk amount to be made up. Ordering in bulk is cost effective. This allows us to sell hundreds of straps every week and then pass the savings on to you.
2. Simple packaging. We asked our customers via a survey about whether packaging is a deal breaker. The vast majority did not want or need fancy boxes or containers just cheaper prices for high quality leather watch straps.

Where are you located?

We are located in Montville, the artisan village 240 metres above sea level in the hinterland region of the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia.

Are you open to the public?

No. OH&S and insurance regulations to allow public on our property would mean added costs. Therefore, to keep our prices competitive we are currently NOT open to the public to either visit or to shop. However, a non-contact pick up box is available for local pick ups. Contact us if you would like to pick up your order.

Why buy from Leatherstraps.com.au?

1. Fully tested, high quality genuine leather straps.
2. Unbeatable prices for Australian stock.
3. Widest variety and uncommon lug sizes also stocked.
4. Australian owned and operated and proud of it.
5. Located in Australia.
6. Same day dispatch from QLD Australia.
7. Free parcel post with tracking sent via email and  / or mobile phone msg.
8. Free spring bars and strap removal tool (quick release straps also get an extra pair of standard spring bars).
9. Warranty & Returns – 6 month replacement warranty + 30 day money back, change of mind / return policy. Don’t like the colour? Simply return for your money back within 30 days for a full refund.
10. High level of support. Feel free to Contact Us for any reason regarding your purchase or for general inquiries. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days, ready to help you.

I replied to you via my ‘order processed’ / ‘on the way’ email you sent me but got no reply, why?

Do not reply to us via order emails ([email protected], [email protected]).
Order emails are automatically generated emails that we do not monitor.
If you have a question, need to return an item, have a warranty claim or require any other help, please contact Support or email us – support @ leatherstraps.com.au

I purchased the wrong colour strap. Can I return the item?

Absolutely. You can return an unused item within 30 days of receiving.
Please visit our Returns page for more information.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

Yes. We have a 6 month guarantee on all items. Please refer to our Warranty & Guarantee page for more information.