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The Most Popular Leather Watch Strap Lug Width Size is…

We get this question from time to time (pardon the pun) and it’s often a popular discussion on online watch forums.

What is the most popular watch strap size?

Watch strap size is determined by measuring the lug width of the watch where the spring bars (in most cases) hold the straps in place. Of course, many straps do taper along the length icluding the majority of our leather watch straps.


popular watch width sizes
Leather Watch Size Measurement 20mm


What we have found is that the most popular strap size purchased via our online store @ is 20mm. Measured by the lug width (see image above).

The next most popular according to our recent sales within the last 12 months is 22mm.
Closely followed by 18mm then 24mm.
16mm lug width size is still a size that older watch styles favour as well as womens watches are often 16mm.

We should emphasize that these figures represent Australian leather watch strap buyers via an Australian only online store and may not represent the sales from other stores around the World.


The 5 Most Popular Leather Watch Strap Sizes In Order of Sales


1. 20mm – 51% of sales
2. 22mm – 20% of sales
3. 18mm – 10% of sales
4. 24mm – 8% of sales
5. 16mm – 7% of sales

The remaining 4% is made up of various sizes. Note – we are starting to see more 24 mm being sold and if i was to predict the future of watch sizes i would suggest that 24mm will start to become as common as 22mm.

Figure are accurate as of date of writing – November 25, 2020

Author – Rob Middleton